I've been making a slow but steady stream of improvements to the blog this year which began with a migration from an ancient installation of Wordpress to the static Pelican HTML site generator. Many other blogs explain how this is achieved so I won't bore you with it here.

Post migration I decided to pretty much ditch all my previous posts because many of them were related to programming and were rather out of date. Oh, and in my experience, re-reading stuff you wrote years ago is never good for the soul.

When I first started using Pelican, I converted my old Wordpress HTML to Markdown text formatting, and I loved the simplicity of Markdown very much. But then I started to hit some limitations with it, such as getting a real fight on my hands making syntax highlighting work properly without resorting to external JS libraries and so on.

Luckily, having something of a Python background, I rekindled my passion for reStructuredText (documentation available here) and set about a morning of converting the Markdown entries to reStructuredText. This would not have been achieved without the aid of a brilliant piece of software, written by Prof. John MacFarlane, Pandoc


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