I finally have some energy back and am getting on with some projects again. It is about time really. I have spent most of the summer evenings not doing a great deal; just feeling like I needed the time to recover from the rigours of a very busy working day. I am normally one of these people who is not comfortable with just sitting down and meditating on things. I think on the whole it has probably been a positive step to sit back and de-stress in front of a book or two.

My reading material has mostly consisted of indulging in the stories of those crazy and committed souls who undertake adventure racing or just incredibly long travels on foot. Maybe this is my mind and body telling me that it is about time that I took my running to the next level.

Meanwhile the list of things that need doing has grown. Boring jobs such as exterior painting on the garage, laying some concrete for a hard standing; I'm sure that you get the idea. In tandem another, altogether more interesting, list of "things I would like to do" has also grown. In another universe, life would be spent only undertaking the items on the more exciting list, and outsourcing the boring rubbish to someone else.

At least, if nothing else happens, this site is the beneficiary of some new found enthusiasm and I am pouring out more words for the unsuspecting public to read. Pity them.


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