Whilst all the content is my own, I owe a debt of gratitude to many others for everything else:


This is a static HTML site created using Alexis M├ętaireau's Pelican static blog generator with all items starting their life written in reStructuredText.


Using Daan Debie's pelican-Bootstrap3. I would recommend this as it is very extensible and full of useful configurations options - in short, it is awesome!

In addition because this theme supports bootswatch I am using Thomas Park's simplex bootstrap theme extension.

Pelican Plugins

Related Posts
In order to manage related posts I am using related_posts plugin written by Talha Mansoor.
Google Sitemaps
Generating Google sitemaps is done automatically on build using the sitemap plugin written by Vincent Prouillet.
The post summaries are managed by the summary plugin, created by Elmer de Looff.
Math Render
This plugin, written by Barry Steyn, enables the use of the MathJax javascript engine to render any standard \({\LaTeX}\) mathematical markup as beautifully displayed formulae.
Project pages are kept linked together in series with Leonardo Giordani's very useful Series plugin.
Tag Cloud
As of version 3.6, Pelican's tag clouds are now rendered by a separate plugin created by Lukas Winkler.
Tipue Search
The search function on this site uses the tipue_search plugin written by Talha Mansoor.
Show Source
A plugin developed by me, and written about here to enable the source of posts to be viewed.


I've since moved on from using Vagrant and am now using a Docker machine, specifically an image I have created myself (chrisramsay/docker-pelican), to run a Python environment and a customised Fabric script to manage the whole author/build/publish process.


This site is hosted using S3 and distributed via Cloudfront. The build system and site backup is hosted privately at Bitbucket.