Welcome to my web site. Find out more about me and this site here.


I am maintaining a rather sparse blog right here which has my non-project related items and general ramblings.


Most of my are projects currently electronics based, with the Open Source Arduino prototyping platform at the heart of them. If you like, take a look at the projects I play with in my, somewhat limited, spare time.

Arduino Pro Mini 5v

An Arduino Pro Mini 5v - currently the beast I base many a project on.

Cloud detection

I have always taken an interest in clouds, whether observing, photographing or just reading about them. This project looks at measuring the amount of cloud cover over a hypothetical astronomical observation site. Please go here for my series on cloud detection.

Soil Temperature

This series has been prompted by some previous work to send general weather data from a personal weather station to the UK's Met Office. It follows a project to measure soil temperature at different depths in the ground. Click here for further information on this work.

Weather Report

Both the above projects' data output are summarised on a separate Github Pages hosted site called Weather Report.


This is something new that I am trying - as I am taking part in several races a year and taking running a little more seriously, I thought that it would be fun to throw in a few race reports and other bits as a way of recording what I get up to. This will not be a collection of running triumphs - I just happen to be a very average runner who enjoys sharing the experience!


I still work in software, and enjoy writing the occasional piece about it.

Testing / QA

Yes, this is what I actually do at the moment for a day job. Now and then I have something to say about it.